Discount Recommendation

Discount Recommendation Introduction

The Discount Recommendation module powered by AI will increase your revenue and extend customer loyalty by bringing structure, consistency, and an industry-standard approach in determining suitable discounts for specific products and customers.

Discount Recommendation

Our company will help you to increase your revenue, customer loyalty, and satisfaction with our locally installed software. Working with your historical sales data to recommend optimal personalised discounts for your customers, based on their revenue and sales history.

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How We Do It

Our iERP Discount Recommendation module is helping to increase your revenue by recommending optimal personalised discounts for your customers, by automatically evaluating historical and new transactional data. The salesperson can instantly review and use optimal recommended, maximal, or management discount for respective customers and products.

How Does It Work

It is easy; the software is installed on your local environment, data loaded from spreadsheets, the system will do your data validation and it will execute self-learning on your data. You need to decide what is your minimum business margin and you are good to go!

You can use software straight away without the need to know anything about artificial intelligence. The software works with your data locally. Without sending data to the cloud and it evaluates in milliseconds. Finally, it will recommend to your salesperson the optimal discount for the customer.

You can export Discount Recommendation results for your customers and products to spreadsheets or use optional API integration into your ERP/CRM system.


Overtake your competition, increase your revenue and boost customer loyalty with our easy to use software. Installed on your computer by recommending optimal discounts! Get all the benefits of AI’s modern technology with self-learning capabilities and minimal human supervision.

Boost your business with Discount recommendation today.

Don’t wait and get your discounts under control.

Algorithm suitable for:

  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distribution Companies
  • Online stores
  • Companies with loyalty programs

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