Your success is our success

iERP would like you to be the pioneer in artificial intelligence in your local market and strive with our best in class algorithms.

We are committed to helping you to succeed by providing the best in class product, all the pre-sales, and implementation tools and a passionate team driving successful implementation of AI algorithms.

Best in class product

Our Studio platform was specifically designed with ERP integrators in mind. You don't need to have any prior artificial intelligence knowledge in order to deploy AI algorithms for your customers in a matter of minutes.

Be pioneer in AI

Our Studio platform will allow you to become the champion in your local market and offer unique solutions based on AI. Your customers will recognize the benefits of having cost reduction, increase consistency and reduction in skillset needed by having iERP algorithms implemented in their system.

We are here for you

We will equip you with all you need to successfully sell, install and maintain artificial intelligence algorithms for your end customers.

Open for special requirements

If a special requirement for algorithm, customization or best-spoke approach is needed, let us know, we are ready to discuss it.

Best in class product

Focus on algorithms

When we design and develop AI algorithms, we are looking into the end-2-end lifecycle from sales, implementation, data quality, precision, ease of use, documentation, training, deployment, and maintenance after installation.

Focus on platform users Studio platform is guiding users every step of the way to ensure that the expected result is with the highest quality. Application is as easy as a wizard with contextual help available every step of the way with a specific set of data quality rules for each algorithm.

Focus on integrations

We invest a lot of time to ensure the best end-customer experience possible, therefore with our algorithms you can optionally purchase integrations into ERP systems which will include pre-build screens, import and export scenarios. The full package which you can take and implement.

We are here for you

Complete package per algorithm

We prepared a full package for each algorithm that you can grab and start to sell, implement it and support it. Package includes Product brochures, RoI calculator for a specific algorithms, implementation documentation, algorithm business description and more.

Integration private zone

Once a contract between iERP and you is signed, you and your team will receive a Partner starter kit along with access to a private portal where you will find knowledgebase, issue ticketing system, ordering zone and packages ready for download.

Communication is the key

We love to interact with you therefore on top of the private zone, you can have direct chat or audio/video chat via private Slack rooms with full access to our team. Monthly private webcasts are used to communicate news/improvements and will help you and your team to stay on top of the latest iERP news and offerings.

Be pioneer in AI

There is huge AI market opportunity

Majority of small and medium businesses are not realising benefits from AI today but expectation is that in 5 years, usage of AI in ERP world will become standard practice. Be on the cutting edge in this trend and work with us to help your customers with AI on-boarding.

Utilise our AI knowledge

Artificial intelligence and machine learning do require very specific skillset and people in order to successfully deploy this cutting-edge technology. A synergy of our AI team, tools and platform with your local market knowledge and customer contacts will make you champion in AI.

Now is the right time

Now it is the right time to expand your portfolio with AI and iERP is here to help you. Be ahead of your competition and get in touch with us today.

Open for special requirements

Algorithm customisations

We are ready to discuss and develop customizations of our algorithms based on your specific requirements. Just get in touch with us.

Custom algorithms

We do have resources that can perform custom algorithm development using our cutting edge iERP Studio platform. Please contact us.

Consultancy on your customer premisses

If you need our trained staff to be virtually or physically presented on-site, this could be organized based on your requirements. Let us know and we can discuss exact requirements.

Interested? Contact us

Give us contact details and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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