"iERP provided immediate opportunities to increase revenue and reduce costs for our customers. They love almost instant improvement of sales predictions and the actionable inventory saving recommendations! And the collaboration with iERP is excellent."

Shiv Dixit, Managing Partner of SP Solutions

Accurate sales forecast for your better decisions making

Increase revenue and reduce your cost by generating precise sales forecast for your e-shop, store, distribution centre or manufacturing facility.

Sales Forecasting Features

Real-time prediction on products your customers want to buy

Increase your sales revenue and reduce customer churn with our software solution by predicting what will be the next product or service customer is going to purchase next.

Next Best Offer Features

Provide optimal personalised discounts to customers

Increase your revenue, customer loyalty and satisfaction with our platform working with your historical sales data to recommend optimal personalised discounts to your customers based on their revenue and sales history.

Discount Recommendation Features

Prediction of customer late payments

Reduce trapped cash by reducing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and improve your cash flow by using intelligent AI Debt ageing module.

Debt Ageing Features

Why iERP?

Designed for business users adding immediate business value along with fast production deployment.

Easy and fast to deploy on-premises or cloud solution

Features with immediate business benefits

Full on-premises privacy or cloud deployment

Competitive pricing with much cheaper and top of the edge technology solution compared to our competitors.

Quick to learn, easy to use solution designed for business users

Excellent user experience

We are here for you

We are providing you with a business prediction platform powered by AI and designed for business users. We are here to advise you with 1-hour free consultation on data and digitalisation challenges!

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Performance at your fingertips

iERP.ai Studio was tuned to be fast and reliable. Automatic data validation and AI algorithm training. All this has been designed and developed with speed in mind providing you with almost immediate business value.

No technical limitations

Virtually unlimited number of records to be processed, running on cloud or on-premises on all major operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and no integration limits with API or CSV files data upload.

Sales forecasting

Manage your stocks and budgets accurately

Discount recommendation

Get your discounts under control

Next best offer

Personalise your communication to your customers

Algorithms that matter

All iERP.ai algorithms are developed with clear business benefits in mind.

AI as commodity

iERP.ai Studio was design to allow non Artificial intelligence trained personal to implement and deploy sophisticated algorithms in the matter of hours.

Complete privacy

iERP.ai Studio is on-premiss platform which is installed on PC or Server within customers security perimeter.

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We are here to advise you with 1-hour free consultation on data and digitalisation challenges!

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