Offering for Governments is helping governments to easily launch mass SME’s digital transformation process with their secure native cloud platform deployed either directly on government servers or safely on Microsoft or Oracle cloud.

iERP’s long term objective is to democratise AI primarily for small and medium-sized businesses at minimum cost worldwide. So we developed easy-to-use business intelligence and AI prediction platform (sales forecast, late payment predictions, etc.) that can be used as a native cloud solution and provide AI predictions for users at a minimal cost. So business owners can get all the benefits of easy to interpret BI and AI without knowing anything about AI. However, it would be impossible to achieve mass adoption of this solution without public and government organisations’ involvement. Therefore, we would like to discuss any possibilities of cooperation on this matter.

Mass Digital Transformation For SME’s

The main objective is to offer governments easy to deploy methodology and software platform to enable mass digital transformation of micro, small and medium-sized businesses. iERP scalable software solution will provide SME’s an opportunity to quickly analyse the status of their business and also predict future events based on their historical data and support of external indicators. Easy-to-use business intelligence and AI prediction solution will allow businesses to get an instant overview of their business and predict sale quantities of products or services and recommend optimal inventory levels. And all of this is taking into consideration the complex circumstances caused by COVID-19 or the dynamic changes of the current economic situation. Companies will be then much more effective in predicting expected sales and they will be more flexible in inventory quantity management which depends on the current social, health and economic situation. Businesses will be much more prepared for economic changes or restrictions in the future, for example, when the economic situation dramatically changes and affects the economy in the country they operate in or elsewhere in the world.

Benefits for End-users

The main benefits for companies utilising our AI prediciton platform are reduction of inventory cost up to 40% and increase revenue up to 15% due to increased availability of products and therefore, increase customer satisfaction with better planning and optimizing inventory. Software solution offers businesses easy to read and interpret business intelligence providing instant KPI’s about the status of the business and it also helps to forecast sales of individual products/services with artificial intelligence solutions while users don’t need any knowledge of AI at all! And this is achievable with easy one-click registration with company register integration that allows users to use the software in a matter of minutes.

Software offers not only an artificial intelligence prediction engine but also very advanced business intelligence providing easy to read views into Sales & Financials, Operations including stock management, Product and services and Customers in beautiful and easy to interpret dashboards.

Benefits for Government

The government will launch with iERP software a digital transformation process for micro, small and medium business with easy to deploy and highly scalable cloud-native solution with very low investment cost. In addition, the government will provide SME’s (small and medium enterprises) within their country access to cutting edge AI technology tools and ultimately enable their revenue growth, cost savings and increase their competitiveness. And all of this with secure installation on government servers or Microsoft Azure infrastructure within the region.

  • Decrease cost, increase revenue and competitiveness of businesses with government deployed top-edge technology tool.
  • Increase prestige of the country by launching low-risk SME’s digital transformation project.
  • Being part of the worldwide AI democratisation process.


iERP Project Deliverables

  • Deployment and support on government or Microsoft Azure infrastructure.
  • Translation of software front-end, help files, and knowledge base to a specific language.
  • Software integration into the country-specific company register for easy access to the software.
  • Creation of educational and training videos in country-specific language for end-users to make it easy to work with the application.
  • Virtual assistant for end-users which will guide users step by step from the very beginning to the end of the process flow while working with the software.
  • Support portal and chatbot for end-users. Support portal will be used by end-users and they will be able to get answers to frequently asked questions in the knowledge base and report potential issues with the software.
  • Local deployment and support team.