E-commerce Analytics & AI predictions for Shopify

We will help you understand what your business is doing and how it will perform in the future!

Easy to understand analytics

You have a birds-eye view into “Sales & Financials”, “Operations including stock management &. returns”, “Product” and “Customers” in beautiful dashboards.
Our experts spent months designing dashboards, detailed reports and analytics, that would help YOU to easily understand your eCommerce business.

Improve your profit margin and predict your future sales

  • Which products are running out of stock?
  • Who are my superstar customers?
  • Which products should be discontinued?
  • Which customers are returning most products?
Sometimes it may be hard for you to determine how your e-commerce business is going, but you don’t need to guess anymore. Nostradamus.cloud assesses your business.

Award-winning AI Sales predictions

Our AI algorithm identifies trends in future consumption and customer behavior, ultimately saving costs and increasing revenue with better inventory planning and customer retention.
You will get access to this great algorithm that would even automatically configure! So you can sip your coffee and enjoy precise predictions!

Less than a minute integration

Nostradamus platform can be linked with your Shopify account in just three clicks!
No kidding, It’s that easy.

Try Nostradamus and see how we can help you push your business to the next level!

And many more!