How it Works Studio is an on-premise and cloud software solution combining a unique set of cutting-edge technology, experience, and most recent business approaches with possible integration to any of the ERP or CRM systems.

What is the Studio Platform Studio is an independent, on-premise (local installation) or cloud-deployed software used to deploy artificial intelligence algorithms for businesses of any size. iERP platform is supporting multiple use cases with a single installation.

We designed and developed this platform to be independent of any specific ERP or CRM system used to run your business. Therefore; whatever system you are using, you can still enjoy the benefits of state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We are already integrated into several ERP and eCommerce packages.

Forecast predictions can be reviewed directly in the application, exported as CSF files or integrated with APIs to your ERP or eCommerce system.

Key components of the Studio platform

s Studio

This application can be installed on any PC / Server and it is used as a core platform for selection, configuration, and deployment of AI algorithm projects. Application utilises apart of historical data also automatic internal and external indicators to achieve greater forecast accuracy.  


These are purpose-built algorithms that achieve specific business objectives. For each algorithm, we are enhancing the iERP Studio application to incorporate specific data checks, data visualizations, and other tools to help you deploy specific algorithms.

Integrations into Systems

We are building-specific integrations into the target system for each algorithm. This is including the adjustment of user screens in target ERP/CRM and export/import scenarios. With this integration, you can deploy an algorithm in an extremely short time.

How the platform could be implemented Studio + Optional integration (Recommended)

In this scenario, you don’t need to worry about data extraction as integration scripts will do it for you from your ERP/CRM/eCommerce system without any further development.

Studio Platform –
Stand Alone

The company can use all of the algorithms, without the need to integrate them into your system. It is easy with the set of clearly defined input CSV files and automatic data validation in the software.