iERP Careers

We are a startup from Slovakia with great traction! 2020 was hard for everybody, but we still  manage a lot:

  • Our case study has been featured Google’s Tensorflow team
  • We won the best AI startup award
  • You may see us at different conferences (in Silicon Valley, Dubai, Estonia)
  • and many more. see more details here:

As we are swamped with work, we are expanding our existing technical team, which consists of 3 dedicated AI scientists and 2 node developers.


We are looking for a dynamic and ambitious CTO who will for:

  • 50% lead the dev team, ensure code quality and manage dev process
  • 50% develop code in node.js (over time this will go to 0% as the team will grow)


  • Good track record of running an agile development process
  • 8+ years of development experience
  • Node.js background
  • Willing to learn


  • Stock option plan
  • Very good financial conditions
  • Work from home
  • Be part of a dynamic team
  • And work for incredible customers (if we weren’t under NDAs, you will recognize these world well know companies)

Interested? Reserve your first interview here:

If you have any additional questions, send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]