Late Payment prediction for Banks

Why use AI Debt Ageing or Late payment prediction

Late payment AI is enabling collectors on various seniority level at bank to identify invoices and payments that are very likely to be paid late so that Debt collectors have greater visibility of future overdue receivables and they can focus on the customers with the largest probability of late payment. List of prioritized customers to be contacted based on probability of late payment is increasing collectors effectivity, can lower DSO and provide much greater future cash flow visibility.

iERP Artificial Intelligence module can provide answers to questions:

  • How the bank collector should decide who he/she will call first?
  • Which client is more likely to pay late?
  • How collectors keep track of clients behavior?


Benefits of AI Debt Ageing

  1. Managers and Collectors can prioritize contacting clients based on the probability of late payment helps collectors make more effective and efficient decisions. This is allowing the bank to estimate better how much money will be delayed in cash and work pro-actively to avoid late payments.
  2. Decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) by identifying invoices with late payment probability at the moment of creation so users can assign specific payment terms to such an invoice in order to prevent late payment.
  3. Identify and sort existing invoices and customers with the highest probability of being paid late and take an appropriate action.

About iERP

iERP’s mission is to provide an end-to-end business prediction platform with modules that address multiple business scenarios and ZERO required knowledge of artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies.

We are helping companies to predict sales and inventory demands,  what their customers are going to purchase next, or identify customers that are going to be late with the payment.