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Our algorithms are ERP agnostic and could be used in more than 5.000 ERP systems worldwide. Our goal is to integrate our best in class algorithms with as many ERP systems as possible.

In order to achieve this goal, we are always looking for new ERP integration developers which are able to take business requirements and transform them into specific ERP integrations.

There are many algorithms that need to be integrated therefore there will be always space for new talent to join us.

What we offer

Be the first to implement algorithms into your ERP

We are offering the opportunity to develop an integration for a specific iERP algorithm into a specific ERP system. Once the integration is complete, your integration will be offered to all customers for that specific ERP.

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Business requirements and support

Our team of experts will provide business requirements, platform documentation and consultancy from a user experience perspective. 

Financial recognition

For your development work, you will receive a percentage from each license sold.

Our internal tools will give you clear visibility into deployments and monthly financial settlement amounts.

What we require



We are looking for developers with a track record & deep knowledge of specific ERP systems, data structures of specific ERP systems, access to the system, and experience with APIs, Json, and other standard technologies.


Based on detailed business specifications, we are expecting that you will be able to review and define the best implementation approach, develop it and test it.

Ongoing support

Once the integration is developed, our iERP support team will provide standard support for partners and customers, but if there will is a code issue, we will need you to step in and deliver a code fix.

Continuous development

Continuously maintain interface compatibility with most recent version of ERP system.

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