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Support: Introduction to support model

Partners and iERP.ai staff can co-operate and resolve issues using multiple communication channels.

Technical issues
If you encounter any technical issue with the iERP.ai studio application
  1. Login into iERP.ai Partner Portal and open a new issue HERE 
  2. Create new issue and provide as much information as possible. Try to provide Loom recording (www.loom.com) of what you or your customer is trying to achieve to make it easier to troubleshoot your issues. Also, provide screenshots and error message text if this is the case.
  3. In case of urgency, use Slack to get in touch with the iERP team
Interactive communication
During partner onboarding, employees and consultants will receive access to Slack chat room.
This interactive channel is used to:
  1. Discuss pre-sales questions, engagement questions, raise awareness of critical issues
  2. Audio and Videoconferencing
  3. Any other business
Proactive error handling
iERP.ai studio application includes an error reporting module. In case a critical error causing the application to stop functioning properly, the error is automatically reported to iERP technical staff.
These error reports are used to:
  1. Improve iERP.ai studio application
  2. In case of installation-specific errors (not enough space on the disk drive, etc). Technical staff from iERP.ai will notify the partner about this issue via Slack.
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