Inventory Demand Forecasting

Inventory Demand Forecasting

NEW: We are incorporating a COVID-19 indicator to predict your inventory levels and sales at this time of crisis!

Inventory demand forecasting will optimize your inventory levels to ensure that you have products available for your customers and decrease the amount of unused inventory stock at the same time.

Inventory Demand Forecasting Module

Inventory Demand Forecasting software is key and will give you clear and actionable predictions, that will improve your cash flow by decreasing excess inventory levels. It also helps you to improve your supply chain efficiency by forecasting sales and reorder quantities.  Which will serve all your customers without any delays.

Do you have experience with predictive analytics in your company? No internal resources to deal with data challenges? Are you looking for an affordable but still accurate and precise solution? Claim your one-hour free consultation with one of our experts!

How We Do It

Our software solution is automatically combining and evaluating historical sales and external data and helping you to optimise inventory levels, purchasing decisions, sales predictions and therefore decreases the cost and increases revenue. ERP will help your company build a clear and honest sales pipeline, branch, product line, or individual product.

How Does It Work

The software is installed in a matter of minutes on your local environment, data is loaded from spreadsheets or imported from your system, will validate your data and provide you recommendations on potential data cleansing.

iERP software will execute self-learning on your data so it can generate a sales forecast. Which combines datasets of historical sales, seasonality, location-specific information, and economic indicators. Built-in “What-if” methodology is projecting revenue trends when new products are added or if the product is planned to be phased out from the company portfolio.

The software works with your data locally without sending data to the cloud so results can be reviewed directly in the software, exported as spreadsheets or you can use optional API integration into your ERP/CRM system. We care about data privacy.


  • Saving on working capital by reducing on-hand product quantity locked in your stock rooms up to 30%
  • Reduce the costs of unsold goods by precisely planning production
  • Prepare more precise budgets and sales forecast
  • Develop your pricing and promotions strategy based on-demand data
  • Have accurate predictions with additional parameters like COVID-19, weather, and economic indicators

Increase your revenue and reduce cost with Inventory demand forecasting today.

Contact us and we will help your business to predict the future.

Algorithm suitable for:

  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Companies
  • eCommerce businesses

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