Debt ageing introduction

A successful customer relationship is the cornerstone of 21st century B2B. Think for a moment how much time is spent on chasing payments and how your business may be losing on recurring customers?

Debt Ageing (Customer Late Payment Prediction) Module

Reduce trapped cash by reducing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), improve your cash flow, reduce unnecessary expenses and get the competitive advantage by using intelligent AI Debt ageing module from iERP. Our module will give you an opportunity to reduce your trapped cash by 30% just by reducing DSO!

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How We Do It

Our software solution is automatically combining and evaluating historical transaction data to create precise prediction model and AI engine evaluates every single existing or new invoice and payment.

How Does It Work

Software is on-premise and installed in a matter of minutes on your local environment, and data is loaded from spreadsheets or imported from your ERP/CRM system. Application validates data and provides recommendations on potential data cleansing.

Software is working with your data locally without sending data to the cloud for on-premise version or cloud can be used based on company preference. Results can be reviewed directly in the software, exported as spreadsheets or you can use optional API integration into your ERP/CRM system. We care about data privacy.

The output is the prediction of customers and invoices which are likely to be paid late along with prediction confidence classification.


  • Financial Industry anticipates that automation will improve the collections and deductions process and reduce key KPIs including DSO and DDO by up to 50%;
  • On the survey, 88% of CFOs are expecting to deploy artificial intelligence within the next two years to support business growth.

Reduce your trapped cash and optimize your AR collection strategies!

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Debt Ageing (pdf brochure)

Algorithm suitable for:

  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Distribution Companies
  • eCommerce