Next Best Offer introduction

Next Best Offer module or in other words, prediction what product or service is the customer going to purchase next, allows you to offer optimal products or services to customers and personalised company digital campaigns, achieve an increase in your promotion response rate, reduce customer churn and much more.

Next Best Offer module

Get a competitive advantage, increase your sales revenue and reduce customer churn with our software solution by predicting what will be the next product or service customer is going to order and to identify which customers are likely to leave for competitors.

Marketing personalisation is most probably one of the most emerging areas in targeted client marketing and so let’s take advantage of it!

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How We Do It

The software installed in a matter of minutes on your local environment, data loaded from spreadsheets or imported from your system and system will do for you data validation and provide you recommendations on potential data cleansing.

iERP software will execute self-learning on your data so it can generate suggestions for the next product or service to be ordered by your customers and when and how the customer is going to place an order. Moreover, it can predict the probability of customer churn.

Software is working with your data locally without sending data to the cloud and results can be reviewed directly in the software, exported as spreadsheets or you can use optional API integration into your ERP/CRM system. We care about data privacy.

How Does It Work

Our software solution is automatically evaluating customer and transactional data and helping to increase revenue by prediction of most relevant products or services and up-sell/co-sell opportunities to the individual customers. iERP will help you to reduce customer churn by analysing customer behaviour and predicting the probability of customer churn.


Overtake your competition, increase your revenue and reduce customer churn with our software providing direct offers to the customers or by creating personalised marketing campaigns with offers relevant to every single customer. Get real-time prediction on products or services your customer might be specifically interested in and take the most appropriate marketing action to eliminate the risk of customer churn.

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Next best offer (pdf brochure)Next best offer (under the hood)

Algorithm suitable for:

  • Retailers
  • Mobile Operators
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Wholesalers
  • Distribution Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • eCommerce
  • Companies with loyalty programs