Sales Forecasting for Wholesalers

Why use AI Sales Forecasting

Wholesale companies can increase revenue and decrease costs with our AI software solution through an accurate prediction of sales. This allows them to make informed decisions on the quantity of stock to buy or when to boost a marketing campaign.

Sales forecasting is one of the most critical factors that enable wholesalers to make informed business decisions and to determine long-term business growth. Simplification of forecast along with an increase in accuracy gives extra resources to sales teams so they can fully focus on their customer needs.

AI allows automatic and accurate sales forecasts based on previous sales outcomes and external indicators such as weather, promotions, or economic factors.

Did you know that our AI-powered forecasting software can predict sales with up to 99% accuracy, and that this can eliminate lost sales due to inventory out-of-stock situations by 60%?


Benefits of AI Forecasting

  1. Accurate sales forecast with simple-to-use AI-powered software, and by utilising additional parameters like COVID-19, weather and economic indicators.
  2. Reduce the costs of unsold goods by precise planning of stock.
  3. Prepare more precise budgets and sales forecasts.
  4. Develop your pricing and promotions strategy using on-demand data.
  5. Eliminate human bias and establish consistent AI-based sales forecasting methodology.

About iERP

iERP’s mission is to provide an end-to-end business prediction platform with modules that address multiple business scenarios and ZERO required knowledge of artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies.

We are helping companies to predict sales and inventory demands,  what their customers are going to purchase next, or identify customers that are going to be late with the payment.