Business with Coronavirus and The Impact on Operations

For the very first edition of Business with COVID-19 report, we analysed responses from mentors and business leaders attending EUvsVirus hackathon to determine:

  • Business leaders insights on COVID-19 implications to the business operations
  • How long is expected duration of post-pandemic recovery
  • Strategic plans in terms of post-pandemic recovery

Learn how COVID-19’s first wave affected company business operations in 2020

The majority of the businesses around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Few of them are affected heavily with the risk of putting them completely out of  business. This report is exposing the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic to companies operations and giving readers an idea on direct and indirect implications to businesses on Fortune 1000 companies and how they are reacting to the current crisis.

This report is providing readers with an indication of the current status and also future plans of business leaders related to company financials, technological and supply chain operations. In our first edition of the COVID-19 business impact report, learn: 

  • How business operations are being impacted by COVID-19.
  • How long it will take for businesses to recover from the pandemic.
  • In which areas are companies investing as a part of post-pandemic recovery.

Get an inside look at the Coronavirus implications on 1st Edition of the “Business with COVID-19” research report.

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