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1. Debt ageing algorithm is in other words:
2. Debt ageing algorithm is providing user with following results
3. DSO (days sales outstanding) means:
4. iERP Debt ageing algorithm can help to reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) usually by five days what can reduce trapped cash by:
5. Debt ageing Trainer Sources is used for upload of how many data files?
6. If there is no integration to customer ERP, SQL scripts should be mapped within customer database
7. Columns tab in training section is used to:
8. Is possible to print PDF report with data validation on Trainer Columns screen?
9. How many types of validation is source file processing in Debt ageing algorithm performing?
10. If error is found in the data on Trainer Columns screen, you can correct errors by:
11. Data tab on Trainer screen is used to:
12. What is recommended ration between testing and training parameters to be set on Invoice file in Data tab of ‘Trainer’ section?
13. Does user need to perform any configuration before machine learning execution on Training tab in ‘Trainer’ section?
14. What kind of training complexities can user set on Training tab in ‘Trainer’ section?
15. When user should be using Fast training complexity?
16. Machine learning training can occupy your CPU to 100% while performing training of algorithms:
17. Duration of algorithm training is dependent on:
18. Sources tab on Forecaster section is used for:
19. Visualisation on Data tab on ‘Forecaster’ section consist of BI data displaying:
20. Debt ageing forecasting results can be reviewed: