Welcome to your iERP Partner Business Processes. Keep in mind that you have only 2 attempts! All topics in certification are available in our knowledge base 

1. How many license types is iERP issuing to partners?
2. How can I submit issue with iERP Studio license?
3. Which licence component is used when you need to submit customer issue through partner portal?
4. When submitting new issue on the portal, I will:
5. Do I need to specify my end user customer details when I'm ordering new license or cloud virtual machine?
6. How do you request access to portal to more users from your company?
7. Which platform can partner use for most effective communication to discuss pre-sales questions, engagement questions, raise awareness of critical issues or audio and video conferencing with iERP team?
8. Customer are paying for iERP software (cloud or on premise) as
9. License subscription for each module in iERP Studio (Sales forecasting, late payment prediction, etc.)
10. If customer has issue with the project: