Welcome to your iERP Studio General Knowledge. Keep in mind that you have only 2 attempts! All topics in certification are available in our knowledge base 

1. iERP studio can run on (select one answer)
2. Does computer where iERP Studio is installed require internet access?
3. Can I reinstall iERP Studio to another computer once it is already installed?
4. How many projects can I create in Studio application?
5. Is there a functionality to duplicate existing projects?
6. How many logging level methods is iERP Studio supporting?
7. Can I see in the Studio project screen location of the project on local computer?
8. Can I copy project from one computer to another?
9. How many algorithm can I select and use in one Studio project?
10. Trainer section in iERP Studio and tabs underneath are used for:
11. Forecaster section in iERP Studio and tabs underneath are used for:
12. How many types of forecasting outputs is iERP Studio supporting?
13. What is the best practise for hard drive location when creating Source input data folder?
14. Is iERP Studio performing input data validation?
15. How can I review results of data validation?
16. How input data to studio can be imported?
17. Are input files specific for each module/algorithm?
18. I would like to review meaning of the fields on particular screen in iERP Studio. I can do this in following way:
19. I've got an error message in studio, where can I find full text error message to report it to support if needed?
20. History of algorithm training can be reviewed at:
21. iERP Studio can run as service mode only on: