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1. iERP Demand forecasting module is providing to customers
2. Demand forecasting is considering during machine learning external indicators like GDP, Unemployment, CPI, and more.
3. Users can define their historical and future internal indicators like strikes, holidays, promotions, and similar.
4. When you are defining algorithm parameters and you select ‘Month’ on Demand forecasting as ‘Units of time for Training’ on Algorithm tab then
5. iERP forecasting engine is supporting forecast for following units of time defined on 'Algorithm' tab
6. Is iERP Demand forecasting supporting selection of decimal rounding on forecasting data at 'Algorithm' tab?
7. Can users specify how far ahead they want to generate forecast for on 'Algorithm' tab selection?
8. Can user change parameters of algorithm (time forecasting, length, etc.) once you move from algorithm selection to training screen?
9. How many data files can user upload on Demand forecasting Trainer Sources?
10. Indicator input files usually contains following data:
11. Columns tab in demand forecasting 'Training' section is used to:
12. Is possible to print PDF report with data validation and potential errors on Trainer Columns screen?
13. If error is found in the data on Trainer Columns screen, user can correct errors by:
14. Data tab on 'Trainer' screen is used to:
15. Does user need to adjust any configuration before machine learning execution on Trainer tab in 'Training'?
16. How many machine learning algorithms is iERP Studio using for sales and demand forecasting?
17. Machine learning training can occupy 100% CPU while performing training of algorithms:
18. Algorithm training duration is dependent on:
19. Sources tab in 'Forecaster' section is used for:
20. Visualisation on Data tab on ‘Forecaster’ section is
21. Visualisation on Data tab on Forecaster section consist of BI data displaying:
22. Forecasting results can be reviewed:
23. Assisted forecasting visual chart can be reviewed for:
24. How many different forecast types is displaying visual chart of assisted forecasting?
25. CSV export of forecast can be filtered by Location or Product
26. CSV export forecast is listing predictions of all combinations of products and locations
27. iERP Studio is providing along with sales forecast information about excess or low inventory level quantity based on inventory file and more inventory related information:
28. iERP studio has its own API engine which can be integrated to any of open architecture systems
29. Demand forecasting market intelligence functionality allows users to:
30. Demand forecasting product like functionality allows users to: