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License management: Introduction to licensing model

iERP.ai product is a modular system and each algorithm requires a license in order to be used.
License types:
  1. Partner internal license – License is used by partner’s technical and consultancy teams. Purpose of the license is to support pre-sales process, demonstration and implementation. This license can’t be used to process real customer data and can’t be installed on end-customer premise(s). Partners license must be used for a computer within your organisation.
  2. Customer license – License is created for a specific named end-customer. It is used to process production data and is non-transferable.
  3. Customer license – Trial Demo license – 30 days trial version can be used on the customer prospect premise, to deploy algorithms for testing purposes.
License components:
License always come with 3 different codes:
  • License ID – is a unique identification of a specific license. Maintenance, issues, support requests are all linked to a specific license key. License must be submitted when a user submits an Issue via Partner Portal.
  • License key – is a unique encrypted identification of a specific license.
  • Authentication token – is a password used to tie specific server / PC to the license.
License ID is used to submit issues or another request related to a specific license.
License key and Authentication token are used to start iERP application.
License behavior:
  • Computer fingerprint:
Every time license is used to start iERP.ai Studio, computer fingerprint is created and attached to authentication token. This license will become locked to a specific PC. License and authentication token can be moved to a different computer once. Afterwards, the license becomes locked and this process needs to be followed to unlock it.
  • License options:
You may order specific algorithm  (for example Sales and demand forecasting or Debt ageing). This information is embedded into license key therefore if change is required, the license must be cancelled and a request for a new license submitted. Separate license has to be requested for each of the algorithms.
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