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License management: Order and payment for new licenses

How to order and pay for new licenses. This process describes the license ordering and payment process between iERP.ai and a Partner

Order/Request for a new license
  1. Submit a License request form
  2. Our representative will get in touch with you regarding details of the requested license and will provide you with instructions on how to proceed.

Video guide (1:01)

Invoicing process
  1. iERP will create an invoice based on requests from the portal. Invoice will be generated either for a period of the quarter (3-month) or for a yearly subscription payment. iERP representative will issue the license key and invoice in case the partner has approved credit limit with iERP.
  2. The invoice will include the total cost of the license(s) including any discounts pre-approved by your Channel Manager.
  3. Payment for the license can be done using one of the following methods:
  • International bank transfer
  • Once the payment is received, iERP.ai will confirm receipt by email notification.

Note: Please refer to the partner agreement contract for specific details related to invoicing and payment process

Generating license keys and final invoice
  1. iERP will generate a license key
  2. iERP representative will send an email listing license IDs, license keys and activation tokens
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